904. A very touching thing from my past

Halloween is bringing back a terrible memory.

I was 7 and at sleep away camp (torture in itself) and there was a costume contest.

I had a cowgirl costume and a girl in my bunk had a tutu. Who wouldn’t want to wear a tutu?   I asked her if she would trade with me. Much to my surprise she was game.

So I squeezed into the tutu (I wasn’t thin even then) and feeling beautiful I entered the contest.

I’m sure you can guess what happened.

She won the contest.

I guess I wouldn’t have won anyway because even feeling pretty good in my tutu I just slunk around the circle with no showbiz edge.

I can still see that little cunt marching around the circle with her hat tilted on the back of her head (where the hell she got a hat I don’t know. My costume didn’t have a hat)  pretending to shoot the pistols in the air while she strutted.

I still hate her fuckin’ guts.

If on 10/31 any little bastard comes to my house in a cowgirl outfit I’m going to give her friends candy and her a can of peas.

6 thoughts on “904. A very touching thing from my past

  1. You are the highlight of my day!! I so look forward to everything you write, you have a genuine gift!! Thank you for never failing to make me laugh!!!

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