905. Well it’s that time again

My nephew and some of his kids are here from Israel.

I did my preparations for his visit. I took all the magnets of the Pope off my refrigerator. The one with him giving the thumbs up really hurt.

I removed any type of heathen food and went to a kosher store to fill the house with matzohs and gefilte fish.

My sister Marcia and I just visited 2 of his sons and daughters in law in London. It was so great. we fell in love with all of them even the kid that kept hitting me in the face with a paper airplane.

On Monday I’m making dinner for them, Libby and Mordicai, my nephew Yitzhak, his son, Yakir, my other nephew Jon and my other nephew Dan and his crew which includes Julie plus my sister.

Ordinarily I’d slop something together since it’s family but there is a certain responsibility here. This is the table my niece Libby made for me and Marcia in London.


If you will note there are 3, count’em, 3 main dishes there.

This is going to be a hard act to follow but follow it I will. I may even top it with 4 main dishes and that won’t count my salad. I could even throw a pizza down there.

That girl will see who she’s dealing with.

The only slight chink in this is that I cook just like my mother, lousy.

And also like my mother there will be plenty there.

Unfortunately it will all taste like shit.


4 thoughts on “905. Well it’s that time again

  1. For one thing you make some awesome dishes. Your meatloaf and portobello mushrooms are delish! They’ll love that! R

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