906 Family

This probably won’t be interesting to anyone who isn’t related to me.

My nephew Eric, now Yizhak, visits me every year about this time.

He comes to do something or other at his mother’s, my sister’s grave. I’ve told you before that to him I’m a hair away from being Catholic so he won’t be surprised that I don’t know what he’s doing.

He won’t eat off my plates, cook with my pots, or use my silverware so while he’s here we eat on paper plates with plastic forks etc. I keep a big black bag behind my couch with kosher knives, bowls and pots which I don’t touch unless he’s here.

I buy only kosher food and work very hard not to let any of my heathen shit touch his Godly crap and as I’ve said, I remove my Pope magnets from my refrigerator.

For the past few years he’s brought with him one or more of his kids, he has 10.

A few weeks ago my sister Marcia and I went to visit 2 of his kids and their families in London and we fell in love.

Two of them would be  here in New York when Yitz with another son and daughter was coming so we made plans to get together at my house.

Usually it’s just me and Yitz and Julie but this time Julie brought her family, Marcia drove 5 hours to be here, my nephew Brian came up from Annapolis, Yitz’s brothers Jon and Jim came down from Ct and New Hampshire. Added to that were Yithaks 4 children. Six of these people slept over.

It was all so great. Not everyone spoke english but we all felt like what we were, family.

In spite of the distance we all had the same senses of humor and we just spent the whole time laughing and saying how much we love each other.

Here are some pictures.


y and RayY and M

And my sister Phyllis would be so touched and proud to see that her grandson came all the way from Israel to kiss her spirit.


17 thoughts on “906 Family

  1. I’m behind in commenting but I read your posts as soon as they come to my inbox. I think it is wonderful that your nephew makes this pilgrimage every year and that you are able to get together with them and host them as you do. Loved seeing all the pictures of this special occasion.

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