932.The +’s and -‘s of being a loving drunk

Lago di Garda, Italy 2015.

I was with my sister Marcia. We were in a store looking at scarves. I myself don’t wear scarves and when I do I always wear a velvet scarf that Miss Liz gave dave. It being one of the things he left behind. It’s soft and warm.

In spite of this, one scarf caught my eye. It was so beautiful that even tho I had no use for it I bought it.

It stayed on my shelf in it’s clear packaging for almost a year. Every time I passed it I admired it but left it as is.

New York, New York 2016

Much to Ray’s delight, Miss Liz is in New York.


She and I made plans to go to Saks for lunch. (To you out of towners :This is absolutely the best lunch in NYC).

On a whim I grabbed “The Scarf” unwrapped it and put it on. I felt dreamy.

I always try to “put on the dog” for Miss Liz because she only shops retail.

Let’s move to last night.

I went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant with Susan and Allan.

I don’t go out to dinner very often so I felt that it was somewhat of an occasion. I wore,you guessed it, “The Scarf”.

In order to feel festive and cut costs I had a vodka before I left.

We got to the restaurant a little early so we had to wait at the bar. I had another drink.

Now I don’t know whether Allan or Susan said, “Beautiful scarf” or I said “Isn’t my scarf beautiful?” but before I knew it I had wrapped it around Al’s neck and insisted he take it.

Both he and Susan objected but I can be very pushy.

Ask my ex father in law who when I searched for the word “assertive” to describe my sisters and I he finished my sentence for me with the word “pushy” so you know that isn’t just my opinion.

I could see that Al loved the looks and the softness of the scarf so I was really happy for him to have it since as I told him I love him so much and I have for almost 40 years.

Susan even said if you change your mind it’s totally okay. “Don’t be ridiculous!” I was insulted at the very thought.

I’ve often written how much I love Susan but I love Al also.

The four of us, Sue, Al, Me and dave when he had a capital letter in his name had more laughs than I can count.

Just thinking about the fight Al and I had over what was lettuce and what was a leaf when I was cleaning up after Dave (he was Dave then) threw up in Sue and Al’s hot tub brings a smile to my face.

Or the time I encouraged him to call the police in Montauk when we looked on his roof and his antenna was gone, obviously stolen, only to hear him mumble to himself “oh shit” when the lights from the police car shone on the antenna that was a little farther back than we thought.

He had to make up a “prowler” on the spot. He’s always been clever that way.

So you can see why I was totally okay with Allan having “The Scarf”.

Not so fast.

Cut to 4:12 a.m.

I sat up in bed in dismay. What had I done?

I tossed and turned until morning.

I was just about to call Sue when she called me. She was talking about how great the restaurant was when I interrupted.

“I want my scarf back. I clearly don’t love Allan as much as I thought I did”.

Susan laughed because she, like me, loves people when she has a buzz on.

Her love action of choice is to invite total strangers, like an attentive waiter, to her house in Montauk.

I asked if Al will be disappointed.

“Nah, when he was drinking he gave his Cartier watch to a friend. Luckily it was a close friend who gave it back the next day”

See why I’ve loved these two for so long?

sue and al

Well I haven’t loved them a “Scarfs” worth.

8 thoughts on “932.The +’s and -‘s of being a loving drunk

  1. I did fight Mattie like crazy insisting she not give Al the scarf, knowing how she might feel in the morning! Then she said “shut up and don’t be such a controlling bitch”!! “hmmm” I said to myself “I do have that tendency with Allan on occasion ” ….and just let it happen 😀
    And btw… He loved he colors in the scarf,!not the softness…he’s not that gay!

  2. I love them more than a scarf’s worth and maybe even a pocketbook’s worth.
    Such special people.
    I loved this blog Mattie!

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