949. The political climate is puzzling me.

This morning I read that the dislike for Hillary is equal to the dislike for Trump.


This scares me more than Trump’s crap. How can you compare the two?

Is it because she’s a strong woman? Even Bill doesn’t get that level of vitriol aimed at him.

It can’t be because she’s a Democrat because if you mention Joe Biden there is none of that venom. That’s also true of any other male Democrat. Well maybe not Obama but we all know why he doesn’t fit the mold.

It’s really a puzzlement.

I decided to interview David, the only Republican I know well. I’m hoping he can give me some insight into this.

To tell you the truth I’m not hopeful. He’s really smart yet he’s embraced stuff that only the stupidest people believe.

Obama isn’t American.

Obama will go down as the worst President ever.

Obama is responsible for the racial divide in this country.

And his stupidest, that Obama pronounces Koran the way a terrorist would.

He’s also says Hillary is a crook and a liar.

I’m waiting for him to call back so I can pin him down on some facts to back this shit up.

He called back.

He’s almost too much of an idiot to quote.

He says Obama is responsible for the division between the parties. Not the religious right, Obama.

The Clinton Foundation is a fraud.

He was stuttering trying to come up with why Hillary is such a crook. According to him she’s in bed with the Ruskies. I guess via emails.

I finally asked him.

“Doesn’t the fact that she’s been a dedicated civil servant as an adult and even as a young girl worked to better the lives of others soften your stance on her at all?”

“Mattie, you know my answer to that. Of course not”

In the plus column he feels Trump is crazy and he won’t vote for him.

At least that’s what he says.




One thought on “949. The political climate is puzzling me.


    1. Every time Trump sniffs his nose? Take a drink.
    2. Every time Trump says “Make America Great Again”? Take a drink.
    3. Every time Trump says “False” or “Not True”? Take a drink.
    4. Every time Trump stalks Clinton like a dog trailing a pussycat? Take a drink.
    5. Every time Trump flexes his tiny little hands? Take a drink.
    6. Every time Trump mentions Benghazi/ISIS/Bill Clinton? Take a drink.
    7. Every time the camera pans to his kids to capture the “oh no, he didn’t” look on their face(s)? Take a drink.

    Trust me, you’ll enjoy the debate SO much more.

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