970. My first TV related injury

As you know my niece Julie Rose Klam is homebound with a foot injury.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time waiting on her hand and (heh heh) foot.

Now here’s the part that will astound you and make you wonder if we are truly related.


Oh she has the box but since it’s not connected to cable it’s uses are limited.

Anyway that gives us plenty of time to chat.

On Tuesday I mentioned that I suffer from thumb joint pain obviously as a result of arthritis.

Now you people know me. I’m not a complainer.

Possibly I will mention serious stuff like my new 49″ TV being so small that I had to return it for a 55″ or that no one should have to live with a knife wound or ugly shoes but just stuff like that.

One would think that Julie being incapacitated herself would be more sympathetic to other sufferers.

Yet my screaming “ouchy magouchy my thumb is killing me” over and over got nothing more than stony silence from her.

ice bag

At this time I will call attention to her foot that has an ice bag on it like in a Donald Duck cartoon.

How do you think she got the ice?

You guessed it. I clearly empathy skips a generation.

Oh back to the TV injury.

I figured out that that’s my remote thumb.

Every silver lining has a cloud around it.


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