5/14/20 Parenting lesson from someone with no children

From the time I was little I’ve had the same nightmare.

I am being chased by a clown and an Ice cream cone.

When I was married my husband had a band that played every Monday night.

On those nights we’d come home very late and  watch television in bed before going to sleep.

There used to be a show that would take one year and show newsreels from that year.

On this fateful night they were doing 1946.

When they got to the Macy’s Day Parade I jumped up.

There was my Ice cream cone and my clown.

It was just before my third birthday.


Go out for Chinese food on Thanksgiving.

I bet you people didn’t think I could get scientific.

It’s not easy coming up with something when every day is the same.

If you think this is boring wait until next week. I’m thinking of doing my laundry.

Maybe I’ll mix up my colors and whites.

That should be a laugh riot.

A bit of Zen. I may have shown you this before but it deserves a second show. It’s my Super fixing my sink.


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