6/2/20 I bought a new tee shirt today

My new tee shirt says Black Lives Matter.

I can’t do what I did in the 60’s.

I can’t demonstrate and march because

  1. I go to sleep too early and
  2. I’m afraid I’ll get punched.

So even though the world has turned to shit and it seems that many people in power are using that power to hurt people and do damage to our brothers, our air and our rights as Americans I can show that to this old Jew Black Lives do Matter to me.

On another note…

Guess what I got for my birthday in January from my niece Stephanie..

A DNA test for Debby.  I just got it back.

It seems she’s 80% Chihuahua, 10-20% Jack Russell.

But here’s the real surprise.

She’s only half Jewish.

The other half is, wait for it, Vegetarian.

So the mystery of why that radish found it’s way into my bed is finally solved.

Now for whatever Zen is available


2 thoughts on “6/2/20 I bought a new tee shirt today

  1. Remember I said Debby is a Chihuahua and you said she’s a Malamute? And you don’t have to march to demonstrate. Speak out, vote, support causes…keep on doing what you’re doing! xoxo

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