6/6/20 Today I found a snail on my wall


It’s not as crazy as it seems. There have been snails in the plants on my terrace for years.

But what drew this guy/girl to come into the house and to climb up the wall?

And Debby has been chasing flies around the place (I assume to kiss them) for about a week.

I’m no specialist on the matter but could this be the animal world hinting that “someone” should vacuum?

I know they can’t mean me because as everyone knows you can’t vacuum from your bed.

I am a bit of a detective so I took out my magnifying glass and toured the compound.

Could a piece of pizza by the couch and half of a banana under the dining room table be the problem?


True the snail did appear to have a small bite of brownie on it’s lips

On second thought it couldn’t have been brownie.

The brownie was on the floor in the kitchen.

Even a determined snail couldn’t have carried the brownie from the kitchen into the dining room and up the wall.

It had to be old banana.

I’d better lie down.

That was exhausting.

But not too exhausted to give you a bit of Zen



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