6/11/20 Something disturbed me today

Since the Black Lives Matter demonstrations there have been no trash cans on NYC streets.

For someone who has to pick up doody twice on any walk, not mine, Debby’s, I took notice of that.

It was a slight inconvenience but not one I couldn’t handle.

I could dispose of my little bags in trees limbs, the shopping bags of someone staring at their phone while walking or even the gaping pockets of someone I’d ask for directions or the time.

I thought I missed them but today the trash cans returned and I was upset.

I guess they think the demonstrations are over.

Is it because they think that Black Lives really mattered when we had nothing better to do but now that some people are back to work not so much?

If that’s what they think they’re wrong.  I saw people from all walks of life on those marches, determined people.

I know I see George Floyd’s anguished face in my dreams and I’m not alone.

No one knows how to be pissed off like our youth.

Very many of those marchers were young and they won’t let it be put on the back burner.

Neither will I.

Now Zen



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