146.When celebs go into rehab for “exhaustion” maybe they’re just too happy

What kind of dopes spend a fortune on therapy?

I’m taking another 1/2 a pill a day and I feel great.

Yesterday’s blog upset a lot of people because I said I was sad. I think it was really because I used the word “unloveable”.

My family and Lew Soloff called me to tell me that isn’t true.

It makes it a bit difficult for me.

This blog has been the best thing that’s happened to me since I can’t remember when. I aways tell the truth in it. At least the truth as I see it.

If I hold back because I don’t want to make the people I love feel bad it loses it’s power.

It doesn’t lose it’s power to annoy Liz’s David though.

I was sitting in Liz’s house yesterday when David called from Mexico. Liz kept saying “no, I’m not telling her”

“Give me the phone”

In his usual annoyed voice he said “Asking why there is only one quarterback on the field at a time is such a fundamental question that someone who asks it hasn’t got even a basic knowledge of the game. Its like saying  “Did you know the black and white keys on a piano have letters too?”

“They do?”

“Put Liz back on”

145. If I ever date again it will be with a warm blooded animal, maybe a pig.

I went to my shrink yesterday.

I have been having a kind of setback.

I cried all the way to her office and the whole time I was there.

I kept saying to her, ” I’m really much better. Most days I’m very happy. Except for this nervous breakdown and the terrifying dreams I’m fine”.

She says it’s normal. When you’ve been together for almost 40 years it isn’t a clean break. There will be waves of sadness.

I told her that I think it started a few weeks ago when I realized that even though I didn’t know it he must have not loved me for a long time.

The word unloveable keeps coming up in my mind.

She reminded me that I knew he was kind of limited in that way from the first.

I had told her that when we first started living together we went up to his apartment to get his mail. There was a big pile of bills on the floor and 3 or 4 big fat letters from his mother and sister. He only picked up the bills.

I always used to say that even though I loved a load of people he only loved me. The next person was way far down and I suspect it was

I know it’s strange but I can’t even remember living with dave. It’s sort of a blank. I know we used to laugh a lot but I can’t remember at what and I couldn’t repeat one conversation we had that didn’t have to do with  business.

Oh yeah I do remember one thing “I’m in love with a japanese woman”

Today he forwarded a letter that he sent to a musician that he’s hiring for the tour. He referred to me a few times as “my wife Mattie”.

It seemed so weird reading that. He’s on our boat with another woman yet he uses that term. I almost feel like saying “How dare you”. I don’t identify with it at all.

I don’t sign my emails to him because I used to sign them wifey.

By the way, I’m not down anymore.

My shrink upped my meds and today I’m right as rain.

144. I got a taste of my own when he kept yapping during Madonna’s act.

I watched a whole football game last night even though I really don’t understand football. I enjoyed the game but I was clearly irritating David.

I knew I shouldn’t talk and I tried to only ask questions when nothing was happening. (I can see all of you rolling your eyes and pitying David)

Did you know that there’s only one quarterback on the field at a time?

When I complained about him  to my sister she asked why I didn’t just go home.


I know I should have been more sensitive since other than hating everyone who isn’t exactly like him his only other interest is football and this was the Academy Awards of football.

After I took my food and ate, that seemed to irritate him too because he kept looking at my plate every time he walked past me, I went home at the 2 minute thing.

I finished watching it in my own chair.

As soon as the game was over my sweet Liz called to tell me the Giants won.

Again, see why I love her and hate him?

And I’ll keep on hating him until dave does something thoughtless and I have to run to him for comfort.

143. Liz’s fiance says potato and I say turnip

I’ve been trying to cut down on my expenses so yesterday I cancelled the weekend New York Times delivery.

I felt really guilty because I know how newspapers are losing money and I love reading the Times on my computer during the week and getting the Sunday edition delivered to my door..

It was less than $30 a month but I figure every little bit helps.

At about 10 this morning I got a call from the New York Times asking me to reconsider. I explained that I just couldn’t afford it at this time but as soon as I could I would reinstate it.

The woman said that they would give me a 50% deduction for 6 months which would be about $13 a month.

I jumped at it for 2 reasons.

1. $13 was very manageable.

2. This morning I was at Liz and David’s house “sharing the morning” when David picked up the Times and mumbled “Now I think I’ll check on what the Communist Manifesto has to say today”

I’m always telling you why I love him but now do you see why I hate him?

142. Frank J. Castro, you gave me something better than a free drink, but the free drink wouldn’t have killed you

I had dinner with Ronnie last night.

She suggested “Ocean Grill”. It’s one of my favorite restaurants but it’s a bit pricey and my first reaction was I don’t want to spend so much money. I’m more of a diner girl now.

Ronnie said we hardly ever eat anyplace nice any more so let’s treat ourselves. I actually didn’t need that much encouragement.

I got there a little early so I sat at the bar.

I got into a conversation with the bartender, a pretty young woman about Cosmopolitan’s that aren’t too sweet. She made me one and it was perfect.

A man sat down next to me smiling and said “You must be my date”.

I knew he was just being charming. He was close to 10 years younger than me and really handsome.

He, the bartender and I were chatting away and laughing.

All of a sudden I realized that I was having a feeling I hadn’t had in so many years. I was enjoying being in the presence of an attractive man.

Now let me be clear. This guy was warm and friendly but we weren’t flirting or anything..

If you had asked me yesterday if I ever wanted to date again I would have given you a resounding no.

I still am no where near ready and I would never get married again but I enjoyed the attention.

I even told the two of them how I was feeling. Naturally I mentioned getting dumped after 36 years of marriage (Ronnie says I can only do that for a year and then that has to stop)

The bartender told me that her mother had been married for 40 years when her husband left  her for her friend.

I’m seeing that I’m less and less unique.

I suggested she read my blog. She was looking for a pen to write it down when I asked for the check because I could see Ronnie coming in.

Frank, (that was his name) said “I’ve got it”.

I said “No No” when I realized that he meant the pen, not my drink. Talk about awkward. He looked like he was gonna faint.

Since this whole conversation had a real impact on me I warned them that I’d have to write about them.

Frank gave me his card so I’d spell his name right.