169. Remember yesterday’s blog? Forget it.

Sure I felt sad.

There will probably be sad moments forever. We were together for a long time and his performing was the high point of our marriage.

I certainly don’t get sad when I hear some guy at the next table going on and on about the origin of the word “fork” but there was a lot of that in my marriage too.

I’m sure that the fact that my lawyer sent me the first draft of my separation agreement added to my down feeling.

Anyway I won’t be seeing him on the stage any more. Big deal.

Maybe I’ll be stepping on the stage myself.

(That’s metaphorically. I sing like a crow)

7 thoughts on “169. Remember yesterday’s blog? Forget it.

  1. Wish you were here. Rupert smells like goosesh*t and the swans are staring at me from the canal. You would not be able to stop yourself from feeding them turkey sandwiches.

  2. I wish I were there too.
    I told David that you two shouldn’t make any trips without me.
    He knows what a strain it is on him to have to be nice 24/7. Without me throwing him those “slow balls” he has no excuse to show his true colors.

  3. I read them both Mattie… yes, here’s how it goes — happy, sad, happy, sad, happy… You get the idea. I think you’re doing great with it all.

  4. So, here it is again just in case:
    Yes, that’s how it is — happy, sad, happy, sad, happy… you get the idea.
    I think you’re doing great with it all. Remember to breathe — in, out, repeat. 🙂

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