925 Still not complaining

BUT whatever illness I had last week I still have.

Every time I swallow it’s like a thousand little men wearing razor blade skates dancing in my throat.

I felt so terrible that the other day that I actually went into one of those walk in clinics. Of course I used my alias, Diandra McAlyss, so if it’s some kind of plague they won’t be able to trace it back to me.

The doctor was first rate. She checked me for strep throat (it was a no) and told me to drink liquids. Something I do every evening on the phone with David.

Even though I’m near death I’ve been walking Ray every morning (I told the doctor that my dog’s name was Duke in case she gets clever in trying to trace me) and then I go home and binge watch “Doc Martin”. I’m on season 5 episode 1.

I think I’m getting better today though. At least I’m clearly getting more alert.

When I got out of bed this morning I looked down and noticed that the glass on my night table had fallen on the floor and broken.

My sharp eye prevented me from stepping on this


Plus when walking Ray, or Duke I avoided a well known Jew trap which is a dime melted into the asphalt of the road so when you try to pick it up you are grabbed and made to balance someone’s check book.

Before my fever broke I’d have fallen for that in a heartbeat.

12 thoughts on “925 Still not complaining

  1. I hope you feel better soon, Mattie, I mean Diandra. Your dedication to walking Ray, I mean Duke, during your illness is admirable. Drink lots of water water or green tea, which I know you aren’t drinking during your David telephone calls. Doc Martin is wonderful. I binge-watched all of the episodes through Season 6 circa 2012-2013. I’d like to begin at the beginning, and then see Season 7 as well. If you haven’t seen it, Saving Grace is an entertaining film. The 2000 film introduced Doc Martin, though his character is very different in the film than in the Doc Martin series incarnation. The film revolves around Grace, played by Brenda Blethyn, and her efforts, supported by her eccentric town, to save her home after her philandering husband dies and she finds he has left her with nothing. It is a comedy, though my description doesn’t quite capture that, does it.:)

      • Your sister is a wise woman. I was also addicted to it. Binge-watching is interesting. Not being forced to wait a week between viewings makes us closer to the characters, and also puts more pressure on the director, writers, and actors to be consistent. We addicts note the deviations from the established norm. I hope your reports of your imminent death are greatly exaggerated, and you live to binge watch many more series after this bug has long lost its grip on you.

    • I second the recommendation of Saving Grace! Wonderfully hilarious — have loved it since I first saw it and used it as a screening tool for romantic, and/or friendship, interests. If they couldn’t find it amusing, they had an insufficient humor gene.

  2. I’m sorry that you are still feeling poorly but encouraged that you are out walking Raymond. Glad to hear that you noticed the broken glass, that would have been terrible had you stepped on it.
    Being sick is certainly not fun and it’s worse when you are alone. Hoping that loved ones are checking on you often and helping to keep your spirits up. Always good to see that your haven’t lost your wicked sense of humour. Love and Hugs xo

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